Maintaining your furnace system prevents many of the problems that could go wrong and cause cold days and nights in your home. Luckily, there are many signs that indicate the need to make a repair. Don’t ignore those signs and you can minimize some of the headaches that also occur. Some of the signs that indicate the need for greensboro furnace repair include:

·    Increased heating bills usually indicate trouble and is a common sign that the furnace or heating system is not correctly. If you notice that your energy bills continue to increase in costs without other significant changes to warrant an increase, perhaps it is time to look at the furnace.

·    A non-working thermostat is another sign that trouble is on the brink. When the heat continues to turn up to maintain the same level of comfort, there is an issue that a professional can address.

·    Is there a yellow flame on the furnace? A properly lit furnace should emit a blue flame, not allow. If you notice yellow, it could indicate that your unit is leaking carbon monoxide. 

·    If you notice strange noises coming from the furnace, this is also indication that trouble is there that you shouldn’t ignore. Immediate attention is all that it takes to correct this problem.

greensboro furnace repair

·    The smell of gas is also a sign of trouble and one that needs an immediate response from professionals before danger strikes. It is easy to detect the odor in most cases. Pay attention to the odor and call for help.

The above signs are a few of the many that indicate trouble with the furnace unit in your home. Don’t ignore these signs and endure the dangers that come when it is easy to call a professional and eliminate these wires.